What Is Consciousness?

I’m personally not a big Fan of the whole #TBT … however I thought, I’d give you guys my take on a topic, which has been cause for an incredible number of discussions in the past: “What is consciousness?”

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Does Free Will Exist? Part #1

Today i’d like to talk about the age-old question: “Is there a Free Will, or is everything predetermened” from a modern, scientific standpoint. In advance, one thing must be clear to all of us: We are in our core nature biased towards the idea of Free Will, because of Social Conditioning. From the earliest ages, we are growing up with the assumption, that we are free in our decision-making and are therefore responsible for our actions and their effects for our lifes


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How To Learn Effectively


There are actually two different ways of learning:

1. First-Hand-Learning: This is the most basic way our brain can aquire information. It is achieved by trying something and evaluating the Outcome. If your action results in something pleasant, your mind will tell you to keep doing them. If it causes some sort of pain or  an unpleasant experience, you respond by developing a fear and avoiding it from now on. This process happens mainly unconsciously, you don’t actively need to think about it because it is governed by the ancient, reptile part of the brain which is mainly ruled by instincts. You can call it Learning By Doing or Practical Learning.

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How To Become Interesting

Being interesting will help you immensly in most conversations for a couple of reasons:

1.  Often when time starts progressing into a more advanced stage of the interaction people eventually run out of things to say or just naturally finish on a topic. What often follows is an awkward pause, most people try to avoid at all cost. A interesting person can embrace these pauses, save in the knowledge that there are a lot more questions to come his way.

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